The Conundrums & Commands of Conviction

The milieu of voices chanting, crooning a berceuse to the tune of times tempo, arranging the minutes to match the movement of moments. The epoch’s clock clicking through humankind's existential crisis to the wavering of wandering sonatas mixed with the steady churning of realities rap. Imploding auras of intergalactic space and mythical mysteries defined through … Continue reading The Conundrums & Commands of Conviction

Father, Give Me Your Eyes to See the Other.

Ideologies flooding the minds of people, finger-pointing, name- calling accusations have become the standard by which we judge. I walk out of my apartment in the morning  with trepidation at what a new day might bring, will division splinter the thread of our common humanity? And I feel, deeply, the conviction that we need the … Continue reading Father, Give Me Your Eyes to See the Other.