Fires, the roaring chant

of the Enemy of love

coming in human form

to entice the earth to sin,

nation against nation,

people against people,

brother against brother, 

sister against sister,

family against family,

friend against friend,

church against church.

Lies prevail

against truth,

justice unhinged,

while empathy is sucked

dry in the desert fire. . .

and Evil

rears its ugly head,

as if it could swallow

the whole sphere of earth in its clutches,

climbing into my heart,

the guilt of my humanity

wells up in waves.

And, I see in the fiery rage-filled eyes 

the tears of my own selfish mutterings,

my unforgiving self-righteousness,

my lack of compassion, my unbending,

pride-filled spirit, my prayerlessness. . .

I see in the spewing asp-like mouths 

the lies of the Evil-one, watering

gardens of thistles, that wander

after false Edens, the listless sorrows

of my sinful heart crying

into the depression, the bleakness,

the unrestful wanderings of Satan’s trail.

And my heart’s hardness melts

in the Spirit’s convicting sway

that I must follow the path

of Christ 

to love when others hate,

to bless when others curse, 

to lift when others fall,

to breach the walls of spite-filled

flames, so the saving

grace of my Redeemers


love can encircle

this great darkness

and ignite an inferno

of His Spirit pouring 

into the world.

So, I turn 

in the charred coals 

of my iniquities

and repent in dust and ashes.

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