Father, Give Me Your Eyes to See the Other.

Ideologies flooding

the minds of people,

finger-pointing, name-

calling accusations

have become the standard

by which we judge. I walk

out of my apartment

in the morning 

with trepidation

at what a new day

might bring, will division

splinter the thread

of our common humanity?

And I feel, deeply, the conviction

that we need the dawning

of a new spirit, a spirit

of compassion, of courage,

of resolution, of integrity,

people willing

to stand above the noise 

of collective evil,

to forgo their partisanship

to surrender their hearts

to show America

to show the world

that the Abraham Lincolns,

the Martin Luther Kings,

the Clara Bartons,

of our age 

can arise; 

I have faith

that the spirit of God, 

displayed in the lives 

of Billy Graham,

Mother Teresa,

and Dietrich Bonhoeffer

is still brewing

in the hearts

of men and women

in this country &

across the globe.

We cannot, 

we must not surrender

our land, our heritage

to prideful, egotistical

selfishness, to our 

lack of character,

to our unwillingness

to listen & obey

the commands 

of God. If we 

are to survive,

we must come 

to the table

with the humility

of Christ, proceeding

in the memory 

of the brave 

and upholding

the values

of the free,

to show the world

that this great 




to live,

to breathe, 

to worship

in liberty

is not doomed

to failure and anarchy,

that prayers for our nation

and our world can overcome

seemingly insurmountable odds

and that we have not lost our foundation

of faith, that the thinkers and the tinkers,

the native and the stranger can unite under

the values handed down to us by our forefathers.

So when you wake tomorrow, pray, pray

for the restoration of love & respect,

pray for the revival of our nation,

and the forgiveness of our

sins, pray for real peace,

for meekness, for

the ability to see

the other & for

the light

of truth

to reign


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