The Conundrums & Commands of Conviction

The milieu of voices chanting, crooning a berceuse

to the tune of times tempo,

arranging the minutes to match

the movement of moments.

The epoch’s clock clicking through humankind’s existential crisis

to the wavering of wandering sonatas

mixed with the steady churning

of realities rap.

Imploding auras of intergalactic space and mythical mysteries

defined through the lens of astronomical interpretation,

while nirvana’s winds whisper meaning

into the unsettling reality of nothing.

Then, the earth-shattering quake of pessimistic skepticism

necessitates a revival of conviction,

hopelessness encased in bullet-proof glass

the appeal of nihilism’s listless lure.

Can the inscrutability of the inevitable, truly 

explain a mortal’s demise?

Can our agnostic ambiguities ward off

the terrors of our self-destructive delusions?

No, only the simplicity of faith

can alleviate humanity’s heartbreak.

When the meaning of mellifluous melodies

fills the fractured world with the allure of

celestial conceivability, the unexplainable

existence of earth’s wonders

tests the trueness of sophisticated sophism.

Atheistic antagonism floods scholarly minds with educated bias,

but, sincere belief is a choice to accept the timelessness

of truth in the incertitude of sentience,

while sifting through the questioning

confusions of conscience.

Planetary motions swimming through the subtle

intricacies of the solar system, the birth of civilization, existence. . .

unexplainable enigmas, mysterious puzzles,

our fickle minds seek to interlock faith and reason

with religious vacillation and evolutionary leanings. . .

But few ask,

 why the hypotheses of modern scientists and philosophers reign supreme above 

antiquities records, plausible evidence, and religious theories?

Why hostility against Christianity is the status quo 

of the educated elite?

For certain, rationality is intrinsically dependent on belief

and belief depends on rationale,

But, when did belief become the scoffing

block of the intellectual? 

When did Christ become

a stuttered guffaw in the halls

of education, government, and civil society?

 Are we willing to silence our pious credos

to bow at the feet of partisanship?

Do we unwittingly

embrace the barren postmodern creed

because we fear to speak?

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