Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has put eternity

in my heart, an inexplicable

evidence of redemption

drawing my mind

into infinite 

awe of His masterful

blueprints . . . so beyond

the most ingenious


of humankind,

who am I to spout

knowledge of His perfection?

To pretend I know even

the beginning of wisdom?

To think I could 

understand any part 

of His omniscient mind?

To presume articulation

of His majestic ways?

No, that would be 

the apogee

of foolishness.

Rather, I must bow

in humility &


to respect

the sacredness

of His holiness. 

I must yearn

for the truth

of His Scripture,

and be willing to submit

to His will, to repent, &

to worship His glory.


these are the pearls

I must seek.

These are the gifts

I must offer 

in gratitude

for His forgiveness,

His restoration,

His salvation,

the intrinsic life

that planted 



in my soul

to bloom

in His 



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