In Him I Reside

Wars & rumors 

of Wars,

like we are living

in a shower 

of stars falling. . .

falling into

distrust, fear, violence

and the hatred begins to

fill our minds, as we choose

our sides, humanity preparing

for Anakin’s betrayal and I see

creeping at an insidious crawl,

darkness waiting,

breathing down our necks,

for it’s turn to climb out

and overthrow the confederacy

of good that has been slowly

decomposing for nigh a century,

and yet, we buried our heads

& denied our realities truth,

is it time already to inhale

the fumes of freedom’s dying wish?

While my mind rambles repetitions,

I see the faces of people,

angry, mob-like, decided

and the fate of millions, nay

billions swimming

in the hands of our generation?

As history unfolds before

my eyes, I wonder,

if the day will come,

when I will wish 

to have lived

in a different time,

or if I will be strong

enough to tough

whatever nightmare

may come.

. . . I pray . . .

Yes, I pray

while theological words

tumble together



in the midst of

crisis, pain,

insecurity, even terror.

My training

useless to quell

the enemy’s onslaught,

but I know my future

is in the hands

of One who knows

and the words

of Scripture

ring in my ears,

the never-changing

solidity on which

I have chosen

to build my house.

Yes, in the ever-changing

instability of my surroundings,

I know Jesus is my rock,

my fortress 


in Him

I reside.

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