only One holds the keys




I feel every bit of sarcasm,

every cutting comment

as an internal blast,

a wound to the center

of my being,

as if empathy took a break

for a year and then fled

away when she returned,

as if I dug a hole

and resurfaced

in a different planet,

and I realize how human,

I am, how human we are;

yes, we are

sinful, rancid, horrible

mortals infected by

a seemingly insurmountable

wave of selfishness, cruelty,

indifference, pride, error . . .

and the weight

of my responsibility

as an individual, a person

feels heavy on my sinking shoulders;

but, I know,


there is nothing

I can do, I am just

as poor and miserable,

as everyone else,

I am a stranger in a strange land,

and the only One who holds

the keys to the future

is the one who spoke

in the beginning,

the Alpha and Omega,

the great I am,

He holds you &

He holds me too.

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