Cherish the Light of a New Day Dawning

I can see it now. . .  The light before the dawning. The hue before the sunrise, the mysterious grayish perrywinkle spreading its coming across the pages of the sky, an unseen lamp striding slowly bringing the day to fruition, and every morning is God’s gracious gift of opportunity, a piece of time allocated for … Continue reading Cherish the Light of a New Day Dawning

Altschmerz to Shalom

Altschmerz, a desperate exhaustion shackling the hope of my vision. Insecurity, Doubt, Fear . . . weary isolation scraping the insides of my gut. Depression, Anxiety, Addiction. . . aching frustration inflaming the intersection of my bones. Desperation, Escapism, Shame. . . hidden symptoms confining the sickness of my mind. Judgment, Failure, Denigration. . . … Continue reading Altschmerz to Shalom